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MAXAttach Wireless DECT


$695.00 USD $1,049.00 USD

With the MAXAttach Wireless Pods Wireless Tabletop Conference Phone System from ClearOne it is possible to take conference calls from nearly any room, even rooms without a phone line. This conference phone system is designed for medium size conference rooms and supports full duplex audio for seamless transmit and receive audio streams along with support for a DECT Standard cipher with 64-bit encryption for enhanced security. Users also benefit from enhanced noise cancellation functionality to reduce background noise when on a call. The MAXAttach even comes equipped with three microphones for 360° audio pickup. With 12 hours of talk time and up to 36 hours standby time this conference phone can support long phone calls without needing to be recharged. When the time comes to recharge the MAXAttach Conference Phone, the dual function power supply/charger allows the phone to be used even while charging.