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Work Smart From Home

Posted by Michele Hish on
Work Smart From Home

Work Smart from Home

Working from home today has become the rule rather than exception. You’re saving money on gas, spending more time with your family or your significant other, but are you making the most of it? Convenience is a given, but professionalism requires some planning and preparation.

Define Your Time

Working from home takes some self-discipline. First, if you work for an employer, clarify the days and times you are to be available to them. Employed or self-employed, make a schedule and keep it. Consistency breeds success. It also defines your free time. Break up your day. If you are able, give yourself a short break every few hours and an hour mid shift. Also, schedule shopping, errands, and non-business appointments outside of your work schedule, so they don’t cut into your productivity.

Healthy from Home

Include a little exercise and stretching throughout your day. Adding an exercise bike to your office can increase your productivity. Movement creates ATP, the energy that fuels our bodies. A five-minute session on your bike can give you more sustainable energy than a caffeinated beverage. If you’re at your desk all day, you’ll want to start eating right to compensate. Cut the empty carbs and stock up on lean protein, veggies, and fruits. Stay hydrated, while limiting caffeinated and sugar-filled drinks. Getting adequate sunshine or vitamin D is also important.

Create Your Space

The first rule is separate your home life from your work, or you may neglect both. If you have the luxury, don’t work from your bedroom. If you don’t, and you watch TV in bed, put your desk on the other side of the room. Also factor lighting and external noise in your desk placement.

Time is Money

Make a list of what you do and what you need to do it. Time is money. Choosing the right computer, internet connection and software can save you time each day. If you save 5 minutes a day – that’s 2.5 hours a month or 30 hours a year. Also have a backup plan. Set up a Hotspot in case your internet goes down, and an alternative power source for outages.


In addition to your computer and phone, other communication tools can turn your home office into a professional workplace. This can increase your efficiency and add an air of professionalism to the way your clients and associates view you.


A headset is not just a headset. It is the voice of your company. Depending on your needs, select from wired, USB or wireless, Bluetooth. Barking dog next door? Make sure you choose noise cancelling headphones. Don’t scrimp, it will be on your head 40 hours a week. Sound clarity is crucial. The quality of your headset will determine the efficiency of your communications. Here are a few of the most popular models: POLY Headsets, Jabra Headsets .


We’ve all been there. You’re hit with a last-minute conference call, and you don’t even have call conferencing set up. Turn your bedroom into a professional conference room. It’s not a major expense and can pay major dividends, not to mention avoiding embarrassment. Here are a few of the most popular models: Jabra Speak 510, POLY Speakerphones .

Video Conferencing

Most of your clients and associates have been deprived of the social interaction they used to enjoy on a daily basis. So give them some. Video conferencing equipment helps you build clearer connections and stronger relationships. In addition, you show your contacts you are cutting edge. Here are some links to high quality equipment at reasonable prices: POLY Studio P5 Kit, Jabra Video Conferencing .

We are Here for You

Cymbal Communications has provided cutting edge technologies by trusted brand names for decades. We wish you success with your home office. Remember, were always just a click or phone call away to help you succeed.

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