Stop cradling a heavy handset between your head & shoulder. Headsets reduce stress, promote good posture and increase productivity...Cymbal can Help ! 1-877-296-2666

Proven to be stress relieving!
A Santa Clara (CA) Valley Medical Center study has shown that headset use can reduce muscle tension of the sort that can lead to muscle strain and chronic pain. Use of a telephone headset can reduce stress on the neck, shoulder, and upper back by as much as 40%.

Everyone can benefit from a headset
Even if you spend less than 30 minutes on the phone every day, you will benefit considerably from a headset! Tangled phone cords! Tied to your desk! Aching muscles from holding the handset between your head and shoulders! Do these situations sound all too familiar? How do comfort, freedom, mobility and increased efficiency sound to you?
Ergonomic benefit
Feel how much more comfortable it is to be on the phone, as you enjoy the ergonomic advantages a headset has to offer. Say goodbye to aching muscles and neck strain.
Hands-free benefit
Experience the freedom of not having to juggle with a telephone handset, and step into a new dimension of comfort and productivity with both hands now free.
Productivity benefit
Increased efficiency! Enjoy the ability to perform multiple tasks quickly and easily, allowing you to improve the speed of your daily tasks.
Mobility benefit
Free to Move! Move around the office with a cordless headset solution and discover the ultimate sense of freedom, as you gather information effortlessly and increase your efficiency.